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Re:Ls2 and two hdd

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  • James Stewart
    I don t know if anyone has tried powering two drives form the same supply. People have otherwise connected two IDE drives to the controller. You have to
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 22, 2007
      I don't know if anyone has tried powering two drives form the same supply.  People have otherwise connected two IDE drives to the controller.  You have to install a new IDE cable to do it, or some sort of extension cable/adapter.

      If you are going to use a different case anyway, why not put in a real PC power supply in it as well?  Then you also deal with the crappy factory fan in the original LS as well.

      You could even use an old (may even want to) "AT" type power supply that doesn't have the 3.3Volt outputs.  All you need is +5V and +12V.  A lower powered PS would be better because otherwise if you don't put enough load on the +5 output, the +12 might not come up to full voltage.  I think more modern PC power supplies actually have the opposite problem where you have to put enough load on the +12 output for the +5 to come up, it also might make a difference on which +12 output you use as well.  In summery, you may need to experiment with which power supplies you try to use.

      As far as the original PS, it might power two drives.  It is only rated for about 25 watts, but it looks to me like the components could take more power.  Of course doing so will wear the PS out faster.  There are a couple of capacitors that tend to wear out in switching power supplies when they are driven hard.  This would also depend on the power consumption of the drives as well.  I chose a single-platter drive to replace the drive in my LS to keep the power and heat issues minimized.

      At what point is it better just to buy a new NAS device that has a terabyte of storage anyway?  There are lots of them out there now that Buffalo proved the commercial viability of cheap NAS products with the original LS years ago now.

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