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Re: Adding External Drive to Linkstation

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  • James Stewart
    Do you have a hacked LS with shell access? If so do this: ln -s I just verified it with a Linux machine I
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 20, 2007
      Do you have a hacked LS with shell access? If so do this:

      ln -s <path where drive is now> <path where you want it>

      I just verified it with a Linux machine I have sitting in the same
      room where I just made the cdrom drive which is normally mounted at
      /mnt/cdrom show up at /home/jstewart/cdrom through the windows share
      to \\linux\jstewart. In this case the command was:

      ln -s /mnt/cdrom /home/jstewart/cdrom

      If you DON'T have shell access to the LS you can still do this by
      removing the drive and putting it in another computer running Linux.
      (Do you still have to run the "fix-magic" utility to unlock the
      drive?). Then just create the sym-link there and put the drive back
      into the Linkstation.

      If for some reason it still doesn't work then there may be an option
      set in the samba config on the linkstation to NOT follow sym-links. I
      doubt that this will be a problem however. It is possible change this
      if you can keep the web interface from changing it back.

      Good Luck


      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "davidhomfray"
      <homfray@...> wrote:
      > I have added a 500Gb external drive to the back of the linkstation and
      > it works fine. The only problem is I see it on the root, which
      > basically shows info, share, LPT and the USB Disk and when I map it it
      > is given its own drive.
      > I pretty positive this is impossible but is there away where the USB
      > drive is seen as part of the main disk. I use a linkTheatre which looks
      > at only the main drive and can't look at the usb disk as well.
      > If there was a way where I could somehow get both the main and the USB
      > drive seen on the Linktheatre without having to have a PC on that would
      > be brilliant.
      > nice
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