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Re: [LinkStation_General] netgear mp101

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  • Scott Hefner
    I can tell you that last year I set up Twonkymedia on my LS250 and it was able to service my netgear mp101. I m a real Linux newbie so it s amazing I got it
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 19, 2007
      I can tell you that last year I set up Twonkymedia on my LS250 and it was able to service my netgear mp101.  I'm a real Linux newbie so it's amazing I got it to work at all, but there are pretty good instructions on the website.  It involved giving myself root access to the LS, then putting the Twonky program on the LS along with some scripts to start and stop it.  I never got all the kinks worked out of it, but it would actually stream music to the netgear without the PC; pretty cool.  But then my LS disk crashed and I never bothered to go through the whole thing again.
      I'm not the one who could lead you through the process, like I say I'm a newbie, but maybe one of the more techie guys on here can point you in the right direction.  They're generally very good about it, from what I've seen.
      Good luck. 

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      Is it possible to add a program to the link station 120 to service the netgear mp101?
      I have just the pre-installed stuff on my link-station

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