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Re: [LinkStation_General] Problems running stock kernel, using previously patched 2.6.17

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  • Wladston Viana
    Guys, With Infinoid s help, I got it !! And updated the wiki page with instructions :
    Message 1 of 4 , May 21, 2007

      With Infinoid's help, I got it !!

      And updated the wiki page with instructions :


      Thanks anyways for the help!!

      Now we are on the AVR daemon part ... I just realized that the power button doesn't work anymore!! :(

      On 5/21/07, Wladston Viana <wladston@...> wrote:

      First of all, thanks for the help! :)

      Well, I found the information you send me hard to "digest" :)

      Well, it's all pretty simple, all you have to do is

      wow - been trying to do that for 2 weeks now! I can say that for me it looks EXTREMELY complex...

      1) put the kernel binary under the location the new u-boot expects to find

      I coldn't understand that. All I know is that this is somehow related to the mkimage tool. I cound't understand what exactly needs to be done with the image generated by mkimage, but looks like this is addressed on the guide at the wiki page. If you can find any documentation that explains that, please give em to me!

      2) same for .dtb

      From the wiki guide, looks like  this has to be on /boot/kurobox.dtb. Now THAT has made me feel confused. I thought that the U-boot was suposed to generate that file for the kernel ... :/

      3) put matching kernel modules under... you know:-)

      not sure what "matching kernel modules" mean ....

      4) adjust your /etc/fstab replacing hda with sda - you'll be using the
      pata driver under this 2.6.2x kernel, which uses /dev/sd* nodes

      that should't be difficult to do :)

      5) make sure your AVR daemon (whichever one you use) talks to the AVR over
      /dev/ttyS0, not ttyS1 as under 2.4 and earlier 2.6

      I don't have idea  of what an AVR deamon is. When I get it working, we'll get on that part :)

      6) finally, reflash u-boot.

      I'm willing to get to this part!!! :)

      But I guess I better run the RAM image of u-boot first!

      So, best get precompiled stuff from


      (IIRC, you have a HG, right?)

      yeah, I got an HG

      There you get the u-boot binary, in the tarball under /boot/ you find the
      kernel and the .dtb, under /lib/modules/ kernel modules. You can look in
      /etc/fstab for an example.

      I  have already compiled those for me, STRICTLY following the instructions on the wiki guide.

      The problem is how to load them!

      Not so easy with the AVR daemon - that image doesn't have one yet. So,
      with it, the only way to power fown / reboot is from a root shell... But,
      maybe, you find some instructions for that on one of those pages.
      If you get hopeless and fed up with having to type "halt" and "reboot"
      every time - tell me, maybe I'll dust off my daemon(s) and give them to
      you. But they are very rudimentary - only halt and reboot are supported.

      sure - once everything is working, we can get on the AVR part.

      Now, to the hairy part - reflashing u-boot... This assumes your bootloader
      is in mtd1. Check with "cat /proc/mtd" - it should be called
      "mtd_bootcode" Damn, make DAMN sure you've thought well before doing it...
      Ok, to make the short story long:

      eraseall /dev/mtd1
      dd if=u-boot-lsppchg-1.2.0-r2.bin of=/dev/mtd1

      ... that's it. This assumes you're using the u-boot image from the
      aforementioned site, you DO have a PPC HG system (kurobox HG or
      linkstation HG), and your bootloader IS at mtd1!

      P.S. if eraseall spits errors about being unable to erase mtd1 because
      it's read-only or protected or whatever it says in such cases, you have to do

      flash_unlock /dev/mtd1


      P.P.S . if you don't have eraseall, it might be called flash_eraseall in
      your distro.

      Cool! Well, the wiki guide STRONGLY suggests that I try the RAM image of u-boot first, to make sure things are running ok. Can you help me into that ?

      I will feel much more confident if I try the RAM image before flashing it!

      Good luck

      Thanks very much man!

      Wladston Viana Ferreira Filho
      Belo Horizonte - MG, Brasil
      Computer Science student (UFMG)
      Visit the project: s1mp3.org

      Wladston Viana Ferreira Filho
      Belo Horizonte - MG, Brasil
      Computer Science student (UFMG)
      Visit the project: s1mp3.org
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