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Re: Getting in to it to clean it

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  • musikgoat
    ... easy to ... noticed ... no screw ... side by ... part, and ... sketch down ... them ... over, ... I would agree with Robert, I would like to point out that
    Message 1 of 4 , May 16, 2007
      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "Robert" <rjordan@...> wrote:
      > Actually, depending on which Linkstation you have, it's relatively
      easy to
      > remove the screws/bolts. Though the link below gives a good look at
      > disassembly, it's based on an older version of the Linkstation. I
      > immediately that with my HS-HG500 (Linkstation Live) that there was
      no screw
      > underneath the FCC label and all were easy to access. "Popping" the
      side by
      > sliding out (without breaking anything) was perhaps the hardest
      part, and
      > that only took about 30 seconds.
      > I would, however, recommend that you grab a notepad, put a rough
      sketch down
      > of the chassis and where you removed support screws. Perhaps laying
      > upon the sketch. This will help you from coming up with extras left
      > as I did, when you put everything back together.
      > Robert

      I would agree with Robert, I would like to point out that mindbender
      made a video of the disassembly process for the newer, live and pro


      hope this helps
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