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Re: LS-250GL Internet/FTP Server Help

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  • musikgoat
    With those linkstation pro s you have to set the shared folder permission to FTP, to allow it to show. You will then see the shared folder in Disk1. You have
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 5, 2007
      With those linkstation pro's you have to set the shared folder
      permission to FTP, to allow it to show. You will then see the shared
      folder in Disk1.

      You have functionality, but to get to the shared folders that you
      have, go into the admin web interface and then go into shared
      folders, then select the shared folder you want to allow ftp access
      to, and check FTP in those settings (sorry I don't have the gui
      available to tell you the name of the setting).

      One important note is that if the access permissions are not set, this
      folder will be considered anonymous, so anyone and everyone will be
      able to read/write to that folder (even delete).

      As a general precaution, its best to set the folder to have access
      restrictions if you choose to share that folder, then you can set
      read and write permissions.

      Sorry for the delay in responding.

      Hope this helps.


      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, Steve Pulfrey <steve@...>
      > I have an LS-250GL and I am trying to set up access to it from the
      > world via the internet. I dont mind whether it's ftp access or any
      > type of access, as long as I can read/write to it.
      > My broadband has a dynamic IP address, but I have set up an account with
      > dyndns so that's not a problem.
      > I have tried two Virtual Server setups in my router, one using port
      80 and
      > the other, port 21. With the port 80 setup, when I go to my dyndns
      > in Internet Explorer, I get to the admin system of the Linkstation
      where it
      > askes me to log in with my admin password. This proves that I can
      reach the
      > Linkstation but obviousley I have no access to the information
      stored on it.
      > With the port 21 setup, if I ftp to the dyndns address from internet
      > explorer, I get to the root of the drive which shows 2 directories,
      'Info' &
      > 'Disk 1'. I can open the info directory and view/download the files
      > contained within, but can't see or access the area of the drive where my
      > info is stored.
      > Sorry if this is all a bit basic for all the clever people who use this
      > forum, but I'm way out of my depth with this type of thing and don't
      > what else to try.
      > I hope someone will be kind enough to give me some pointers on what I'm
      > doing wrong and what I should try next.
      > Many thanks
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