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Re: Problems when flashing to OpenLink

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  • mungohenning
    ... Doh, I guess the .org domains are historic now. Therefore any references to them ought to be ignored. You can tell I m a newbie here :-) ... Did this
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 14, 2006
      Many thanks for the reply, but it didn't help:

      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "cherrytreeproduction"
      <cherrytreeproduction@...> wrote:
      > i suggest you do the following:
      > download the latest stock firmware from
      > http://downloads.linkstationwiki.net/stock_firmware/
      > the latest is
      > http://downloads.linkstationwiki.net/stock_firmware/hd-hglan_161.zip
      > for example.

      Doh, I guess the ".org" domains are historic now. Therefore
      any references to them ought to be ignored.
      You can tell I'm a "newbie" here :-)

      > start the firmware updater from that package...you will see it working
      > in english this time....i would try to flash the stock firmware before
      > flashing openlink.....just in case to be sure that it works.

      Did this as you suggested and it works fine (re-flashed with the
      1.61 version).

      > after flashing you know what the windows mean...because you saw them
      > in english before...

      I'm guessing that you are telling me the windows are constant its
      just the character set on the buttons that is different?
      Presuming so, I repeated the flashing process but this time with
      the openlink download and the screen was a similar (and meaningless)
      as per this screenshot:

      The left button at the bottom caused a dialogue popup filled
      with question marks (the firewall is definitely OFF).

      > i assume this windows wants to tell you that you did not disable all
      > firewalls....like the builtin-winXP firewall. turn it off!

      Errr (sheepish grin) I thought it was off the first time, but it
      was definitely off this time.
      I'm presuming that the lack of instructions as to how to turn the
      firewall off is part of the deterent barrier to stop numpties
      like me tampering beyond their competence.

      With the "openlink" flashing executable I did try clicking on
      each button (dangerous, I know) in the presumption that althought
      the executable font isn't in English the flashed image will be.
      But I'm still none the wiser. Ought I to make a stab at the
      Freelink stuff since the Openlink seems to be going nowhere?

      Advice requested please; thanks in advance

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