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Re: Linkstation LS1 Alternative Firmware and Comments and questions...

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  • James Stewart
    ... Someone did compile Samba 3.xx for the Openlink firmware awhile back, It might still be around somewhere. To get into the advanced setup features
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 5, 2006
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      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "Mark" <mbloof@...> wrote:

      > One of the items that has peeked my interest is the idea of using
      > the LS1 as a DOMAIN CONTROLER. Us XP folks are stuck with LMHOSTS,
      > NETBIOS and other MS stuff unless we buy/build a domain
      > controler/server so we can use the much more usable "domain login"
      > in XP.

      > Can Openlink be built to support this type of thing? From what
      > little I understand, Samba 3.xx supports being a domain controler?
      > Could this be added to the web interface?

      Someone did compile Samba 3.xx for the Openlink firmware awhile back,
      It might still be around somewhere. To get into the advanced setup
      features however, you'll have to fight off the web interface from
      unsetting your changes.

      > My LS1 sits behind a hardware firewall, has no password for 'root'
      > or the webpage. Its left on 24/7 and is used as the 'filestorage'
      > for my collection of laptops and desktops. (all running XP or other
      > windows flavors) I'd rather telnet into the box then playing with
      > ssh.

      Telnet is probably fine on your local net, just don't use it accross
      the Internet or you are likely to get hacked.

      > My "wish list" for alternative software includes:
      > 1. Domain controler - its the only box that is left on, logical
      > choice.

      As suggested by an earlier post, the "Freelink" firmware is probably
      your best bet. Then once Samba is installed, you can use "Swat" which
      is a very powerful and nice web interface to administrate the whole thing.

      > 2. RADIUS Server. Just about EVERYONE has 802.11 at home, but no way
      > of using the RADIUS support built into most modern routers and
      > access points as noone provides a RADIUS server solution for home
      > users.

      Once "Freelink" is installed, give "Free Radius" a look. I've never
      used it however.

      > 3. Better read/write access controls? - I've left it turned off as
      > I've never gotten it to work reliably.

      Again "Freelink" will unlock all the power of Linux-OS on the
      Linkstation and eliminate that limited and buggy web interface.
      You'll have to learn a little bit about Linux-OS however.

      > 4. A better FTPd - my friends who have attempted ftp from my box
      > have had problems.

      Yes, since you are behind a router, you need to add an entry in the
      FTP config file so that the server knows your external IP.

      > 5. Others have mentioned that there are a number of Partition/format
      > and recovery tools available that could be included on the box.

      Yep, or even with the primitive tools available in a typical Linux
      install, you can easily design your own solution to fit your specific

      > 6. Performance inprovements. Is native NFS faster? While the LS1 was
      > faster then many of simular 'appliance' boxes in its price range
      > when introduced, I'm suprised that it is as slow as it is.

      The bus speed on the LS is not great, (33 MB/S I think) so that is
      going to limit some things, also look into a Kernel upgrade to the
      2.6 series since NFS performance has been slow on Linux for some time
      and they recently did things to speed it up a lot.

      > With 1 user on a 100Mbt LAN is it unreasonable to expect the LS1 to
      > be able to read/write at full bandwidth?

      See above message. Anyone got some stats on how it does with the 2.6

      > 7. Proxy server? DNSMasq?

      Also, the kernel upgrade will probably be necessary here. The stock
      kernel is pretty limited, it won't even run a DHCP server.

      So all these things are possible. It will require quite a bit of work
      on your part to get there however. Good luck.
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