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Kurobox.com revamp, contest, and bounty

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  • jscausey
    Hey guys, For those on this board, I just wanted to drop a line letting you know about the second wind of the KuroBox project over at KuroBox.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 10, 2006
      Hey guys,

      For those on this board, I just wanted to drop a line letting you know
      about the "second wind" of the KuroBox project over at KuroBox.com .

      I'm John Causey, the new head of Revolution here at Buffalo Tech.
      Since taking over, we've lowered the price of Kuro's to a more
      reasonable level, and I've instituted a new contest and bounty system
      for the KuroBox community.

      The contest is open to anyone who has a unique use with their KuroBox.
      We're looking for the coolest and most innovative use of a Kuro. You
      can win a new TeraStation, LinkTheater, or other wireless gear from

      The bounty is created to foster the development of the KuroBox
      community. We will offer bounties for features and projects that the
      community wants, and offer Buffalo merchandise for the completion of
      these bounties. For example, right now you can win a new Terastation
      Pro  if you port U-Boot to the KuroBox.

      On top of all that, we're also in the design phase for the Kuro3, a
      new KuroBox for 2006.

      For LinkStation hackers, please know that a lot of our data over at KuroBox.com
      directly pertains to LS. Please help us by claiming a bounty, or entering a
      contest -- just tell me you have a Kuro and photoshop black any pics of your box ;)

      We're hoping to make this year much more exciting for the KuroBox
      project. My goal is to make this community thrive. Come see the new KuroBox.com !

      --John Causey
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