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Re: [LinkStation_General] Re: Twonkyvision on Linkstation II

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  • Mark
    Now that expains lots and I thank you (again - you replied I believe with a how-to on installing SlimServer on the LS2). I succeeded in getting Twonky (trial)
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 23, 2006
      Now that expains lots and I thank you (again - you replied I believe with a how-to on installing SlimServer on the LS2).  I succeeded in getting Twonky (trial) to work using a cookbook from Adam Alport, also in the UK.  Twonky now streams any of the ShoutCast radio stations therefore I know that all the parts are working correctly to support uPnP and get the streams to the Soundbridege.  But only song complete paths down through the Browse choices show:  Albums, Artists, Songs (with the music note in front of them).  Yet nothing plays!  You may have explained this with the transcoding statements below.  I thought Twonky mediaserver would play direct WMA lossless and FLAC.  So it is only capable of transcoding but how would I get this to happen since it doesn't seem to automatically transcode the many files it sees?
      Well back to another question:  Does SlimServer?!  I'll work on trying to get that up and running on the Linkstation if it does since I'm a classical musician with a great sound system and MP3 just doesn't cut it in terms of sound quality.
      Thank you for your support.

      risimmonsuk <risimmonsuk@...> wrote:
      I've got Twonky (full version) running on my LSII and serving files
      (mp3/wma) to a Roku Soundbridge, and it works great.

      I think that if the Soundbridge is able to connect to the Linkstation
      server, then you're probably ok in terms of getting it up and running.
      Note that the Twonky demo only runs for a few minutes, and the
      Soundbridge doesn't support WMA lossless or FLAC directly - they would
      need transcoding on the server. Not sure that the Linkstation has
      enough grunt (or that the Twonky install has the the necessary files)
      to do this.

      mp3 and wma non-lossless files should be served fine.


      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "msandover"
      > I have attempted to install Twonkymedia server on the LS2 using
      > Twonky's demo and flashing the LS with openlink latest version.
      > Openlink works and I can telnet in and move around, etc. Twonky files
      > are out there and I can start a ps -A and see "Linkstation" and my
      > Roku Soundbridge sees a Linkstation server (but it's started by a
      > different program than Twonky).
      > Problem is that I can browse down through all the Twonky menus to the
      > song level (WMA lossless, or MP3, or FLAC) on my Roku Soundbridge but
      > cannot get any of the songs to play. Various different error messages
      > come up but generally about can't play.
      > What am I missing? I have followed the instructions such as they are
      > on the Twonky site. It's clearly just not as simple as they
      > indicate. It appears that there are other requirements to make this
      > work besides just doing a TAR on the Mediaserver gz.
      > Thanks for any support help.

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