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Re: Sending upgrade files to the Linkstation

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  • calvinlsc
    ... in ... I don t quite get what you mean. What is all the files ? ... mapped ... There is no implication that folders inside My Computer are all formatted
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 5, 2006
      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "holmsn4u" <holmsn4u@...>
      > Hi,
      > Sorry if this seem obvious to the experienced, but as an owner of a
      > new Linkstation (the MIPSel v2.05), do all the files always get put
      > the network share on your Windows box which I presume is a graphic
      > representation of a folder on a Linux partition in the Linkstation ?

      I don't quite get what you mean. What is 'all the files'?

      > It's just that in "My Computer" in Windows it implies that the
      > network drive is actually in NTFS format, but it can't be surely on
      > the LS ?

      There is no implication that folders inside 'My Computer' are all
      formatted in NTFS. Shared folders, for instance, will remain in the
      server's specified format. In this case, the LS always format it as

      > Also for a box that's only going to carry music files anyway (after
      > the Slimserver install) do you really have to worry about SSH
      > communication rather than Telnet ? , I mean either system will do
      > moving round the Linux filesystem remotely won't it ?

      SSH is always safer than telnet with everything being encrypted. Via
      telnet, your login credential will be flying without protection. It
      is very dangerous, especially when you telnet throught the Internet.
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