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Re: General questions to clear confusion

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  • James Stewart
    ... The Kurobox was/is being sold as an open platform designed to be hacked (customized). Because of this promise, it seemed like the way to go so to
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 10, 2005
      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "ericb_la"
      <ericb_la@y...> wrote:

      > Looks like the KurBox is less desirable now than the LS? Seems it
      > was the other way around at some point. Thoughts?

      The Kurobox was/is being sold as an "open" platform designed to be
      "hacked" (customized). Because of this promise, it seemed like the
      way to go so to avoid all the strange work-arounds we have had to do
      to hack our LinkStations. Unfortunately, so far the Kurobox has
      failed to significantly deliver on that promise. Also for people
      who didn't like the hard drive that was shipping with the
      Linkstation, Kurobox sold without any at a lower cost, and you would
      add your own. Last I checked, you only get one USB port with a

      > Is the LS a functional SMB file server, print server, and FTP
      > server out of the box without hacking the firmware?

      It is functional, but limited. For example, it lacks access
      administration abilities on the SMB shares (shares are open to the
      world), it lacks support for non-english "codepages", and it runs a
      much older version of Samba that seems slower than later versions.

      The FTP server has similar administration limitations.

      > Is the factory firmware stable?

      You might consider others' comments here since I ran factory
      firmware for about a month over a year ago, but except for some
      [minor?] bugs and quirks, it seems to be fairly stable.

      > Can I easily connect Mac, Linux, and Windows clients to it?


      > Can I play MP3 files from the LS and factory firmware? (ie: mount
      > the volume, navigate to the folder, open the files and listen)


      > Is there a preference between the PPC and MIPS versions of the LS?

      There was a preference for the PPC because hacking efforts on it
      were far more mature, The MIPS version might be catching up, I
      haven't checked the threads about it on the wiki lately.

      The speed is about the same. There is a chance that the MIPS unit
      draws a little more power, and therefore runs the fan at high
      speeds, makes more noise and wears the fan out quicker (The fan on
      all Linkstations tend to wear out quickly, I took mine apart as soon
      as it started making noise and re-lubed it and it has been fine for
      a couple months now).

      > Does the gigabit LS run the same hacked firmware as the regular
      > LS? (ie: do I lose anything going GB or is there little to gain?)

      I think this is mostly true for the file system on the disk. Just
      don't mess with the flash disk (ie, don't run the firmware
      "installer/upgrader" for the stock, Openlink, or Freelink for the
      "HD-LAN" on a "HG-LAN". Please consult others on this too.

      > I've got more questions related to hacked firmware but I'll save
      > those for later. "Hacked firmware" may not be the right term for
      > the LS?

      There are two separate development forks on this. One is in fact,
      "hacked firmware" as in gaining access then modifying the original
      factory firmware, adding or enhancing it's features. One example of
      this is the slimserver project.

      The other fork is to swap out the entire disk drive part of the OS
      and replace it with another one such as Debian or Gentoo Linux,
      while still using the factory bootloader, Kernel and "initial
      ramdisk" that resides in flash memory.

      > I'm more familiar with the Linksys wi-fi
      > routers running replacement firmware like Talisman from Sveasoft.

      Yes, one of those will probably be my next router for that reason
      (are you LISTENING low-cost hardware manufacturers? Open source
      software capability sells your hardware. IBM has really been
      cashing in on this fact over the last few years. I also own and
      love an old Archos Jukebox MP3 player for this reason. I would not
      have considered buying a Linkstation if is didn't run Linux).
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