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Re: Firmware update failure

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  • sketchamo
    Thanks, couldn t have fixed it without you. I now have my Linkstation back and running 1.44 but with slightly different steps to yours. I couldn t get Mandrake
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 10, 2005
      Thanks, couldn't have fixed it without you.
      I now have my Linkstation back and running 1.44 but with slightly
      different steps to yours.

      I couldn't get Mandrake to work correctly with my setup but Suse 9.3
      running from a DVD recognised and mounted the drive on bootup. I
      still couldn't see the Linkstation though. What I then tried was
      powering it on with the reset button already held in. It then booted
      up with all the lights permanently lit and flashing. I then ran the
      firmware updater and it found the device (using crossover) but it
      had a different name. HD-HLAN-EM and a firmware version of 3.00! It
      took 3 (firmware went to 0.00) failed attempts to apply but on the
      4th it finally worked!

      I wonder if maybe we could have just gone straight into this 'HD-
      HLAN-EM' mode and not dismantled the unit?

      Anyway thanks again for all your help, if I ever break my
      Linkstation again I'll try 'HD-HLAN-EM' and let you know if it works.

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      > > Hi all
      > > I attempted to update my hd120 firmware from 1.30 to 1.44 but it
      > > failed. Since then I've not been able to connect to the
      > linkstation at
      > > all. I've tried doing a reset (red button) but none of the tools
      > will
      > > detect my LS and the browser cannot find it. Can anyone help
      > please?
      > The same thing happened to me when I tried to do the upgrade
      > the same versions. None of the LS tools could see the LS,
      > I did still have file sharing capabilities in windows, and the web
      > interface still worked, and i could ping it. To solve was a bit
      > involved, but I will outline what I had to do...
      > In the end, after trying multiple options, different versions of
      > LS tools and updater, direct connection to the PC, etc, I ended up
      > taking the LS apart, taking the HDD out of the thing, and
      > it to my PC via normal IDE cable. I then ran Mandrake Move linux,
      > mounted the disk and deleted all the partitions on the disk (after
      > running the fix tool to make the partitions accessible).
      > Once I did this, I put the disk back into the LS, and it went into
      > its emergency mode, which it seems to do each time it boots and
      > cannot find an o/s partition or the appropriate disk structure.
      > emergency boot loader reset all of the partitions, and let me
      > connect to the LS via the Linkstation tools. I could also run the
      > firmware updater.
      > I connected the LS directly to my PC, disabled the windows
      > and ran the firmware updater, which took a while, but successfully
      > updated the firmware. After that, I had full functionality, and
      > LS has run successfully ever since.
      > I wouldn't recommend this if you are not sure about ripping your
      > hardware apart, but there is a good FAQ on disassembling the LS on
      > the group, as well as getting the HD out. There are also articles
      > about making the disk readable in a normal linux machine.
      > If you want more info, email me. Sorry it's not an easier
      > Ben
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