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Re: Comments on DLink DSM-320?

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  • prb0x
    I ve only played with my DSM-320 a little but so far so good. I ve got mine connected via the wireless interface and I m running Twonkyvision MediaServer too.
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 30, 2005
      I've only played with my DSM-320 a little but so far so good.
      I've got mine connected via the wireless interface and I'm running
      Twonkyvision MediaServer too.
      I'm sharing 11,000 Tracks, 4000 Photos and 500 videos.

      Performance playing back MP3s is fine my only gripe is that neither
      MediaServer nor the DSM-320 do seamless playback. You'd think this
      would be a major consideration at expect it to be present in at
      least one of them. Twonkyvision are considering adding it in at
      some point.

      BTW I'm running mine on a stock LSII - well with the tools and perl
      modules, and SSH Server. It takes about 5 minutes to start up after
      which I've scheduled for the database to be updated every 20 hours.
      When streaming music it's idling at around 3% CPU usuage. However
      samba and usbstorage take a bit of bash when it comes to video and
      picture slideshows. But then I don't use my LSII for anything else
      than filesharing on the home network so it's not a problem for me.

      I also have some 7MP pictures and it takes a 5 or so seconds for the
      image to load plus the 6 second delay for the slide show. I'm going
      to compile a copy of convert that will go through my picture
      collection and create a new collection resized to PAL. The LS is
      having to do a little work each time a picture is display to convert
      it to size. If you don't set the option in MediaServer then a lot
      of larger pictures won't be displayed at all.

      Video is okayish. A lot of stuff won't play because the DSM-320
      does not handle a number of formats I have. I'm consider
      transcoding my videos to 2 or 4Mbps MPEG-2 but I think the wireless
      link will struggle with this. A lot of people say if you want to
      play video on your DSM-320 you should have it wired in. I think if
      your MP4 files are 1mbps streams or below then wirelss will do fine.

      I was looking around to see if there are any hacks on the DSM-320
      and there is a way to get telnet access. However unless one is
      planning to reflash the firmware to add various bits and pieces then
      there is not a lot of point to this. However I'd like my DSM-320 to
      restream any audio out on another port so I can simply point winamp
      or anything else to an mp3 stream on the box. I've requested it as a
      feature for MediaServer. It would be handy for our parties.

      Anyway for £80 I think the DSM-320 is certainly worth the money and
      I'd ignore a lot of the early reviews that slate this unit as it's
      had a number of firmware revisions since launch.


      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "johnnykwc"
      <johnnykwc@y...> wrote:
      > I saw some posts about the DSM-320. I am considering one also. So
      > like to hear your experience.
      > I have a a LS1 and a Kurobox HG. I am running Twonkyvision
      > on the Kurobox. I'll convert the LS1 to gentoo soon.
      > I have a netgear MP101 streaming music from the mediaserver and
      > works well. I also have a bunch of picture/video on it too that I
      > to stream.
      > I have 7 & 8MP cameras. So the JPEG files are ~3-4MB. I wonder
      > the performance on slideshows.
      > I also have some MPEG4 video in AVI files. Does that work well with
      > the DSM-320?
      > Thanks!
      > Johnny
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