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OSX HD-H300LAN Linkstation Setup Questions

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  • schwab_one
    I just purchased a HD-H300LAN (10/100) Linkstation. I am not a LINUX or PC expert. I am very familiar with Macs and OSX Tiger. I have access to my daughter s
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2005
      I just purchased a HD-H300LAN (10/100) Linkstation.

      I am not a LINUX or PC expert. I am very familiar with Macs and OSX

      I have access to my daughter's PC which can join our Airport Extreme
      wireless network which is behind a Linksys BEFSR41 Router/Firewall
      connected to a cable modem.

      I have read some of the Buffalo Site, the Kuro box forum, the
      LinkstationWIKI and this group's messages.

      My intention is to share the LinkStation as a storage device among
      the Macs and PCs of my family whether on my home wireless network or
      remotely via the web.

      #1 Accessing files, iTunes, iPhoto, etc. #2 Minimal backup use.

      I am anticipating needing some help in setting up my Linkstation when
      it arrives this Friday. Buffalo TechSupport suggested I call them
      during the process.

      I'll appreciate your recommendations in setting up a brand new

      First, I understand I should upgrade the firmware after checking its
      version. This process can only be done via a PC (not a Mac) in which
      the firmware has been downloaded and whose firewall is disabled. The
      firmware varies whether its a PPC or MIPSel version. The most current
      firmwares do not have a security hole -- which makes hacking
      modifications difficult. Agree? Should I upgrade? Should I use
      OpenLink or FreeLink Firmware instead?

      BTW How do you access the program (it must run only on a PC?)in which
      the commands are issued to the Linkstation(as listed in the WIKI)?

      Second, assigning the LinkStation a static manual IP address has
      advantages over DHCP because their are fewer issues with reconnecting
      to the network -- contrary to the setup manual. Agree? Should I
      assign a manual IP?

      Third, its confusing whether its a good idea to set up individual
      users/groups with security or not -- I understand it may impact
      performance. Agree? Should I designate one or multiple passwords?
      Should I just designate all sharing permissions as Mac-PC since we
      use both platforms?

      Fourth, performance of the Linkstation can be improved but it
      requires some Linux hacking skills? Anyone have a recommendation
      and/or the procedure? Which modifications are worth the effort?

      Fifth, you can upload your OSX or iPod or PC iTunes music library to
      Linkstation BUT it will not function as an iTunes music server out-of-
      the-box. Is this where installing Slimserver comes in?


      Can a LINUX/PC Novice do this? Will Linkstation Slimserver function
      without a Squeezbox to play through a networked connected Mac/PC
      using iTunes?

      Sixth, why would I want to use the FTP function?

      I may assemble some of the recommendations so others don't have to
      struggle thru this each time they set up their new Linkstation.

      Thanks for reading and any assistance suggested.

      Tom Schwab
      Rochester Minnesota
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