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RE: [LinkStation_General] Re: simple http server

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  • Stephen Jungels
    Sjoerd- Put quote marks around the second expression beginning with -e. In fact, to be safe, put quote marks around all those expressions, ie type sed -e
    Message 1 of 6 , Jul 24, 2005

      Put quote marks around the second expression beginning with -e. In fact, to
      be safe, put quote marks around all those expressions, ie type

      sed -e "s/thttpd/thttpd2/g" -e "s/dir=\/www/dir=\/mnt\/hda\/share\/www" -e
      "s/port=80/port=81" /etc/thttpd.conf > /etc/thttpd2.conf

      In this case the quote marks are necessary. The article at the wiki has the
      quotes, but perhaps it has changed since you looked at it.

      Also where it says this in the wiki:
      I can't remember for sure, but I think if you have a Linkstation I
      you need to change /mnt/hda/share to /mnt/share wherever it occurs.
      Check to see which directory exists on your linkstation.

      I was referring to the commands the article tells you to type. So this
      would involve changing

      -e "s/dir=\/www/dir=\/mnt\/hda\/share\/www"


      -e "s/dir=\/www/dir=\/mnt\/share\/www"

      in the sed command above

      Also the command

      mkdir -p /mnt/hda/share/www

      would change to

      mkdir -p /mnt/share/www

      Is this the directory that appears on your Linksation I? I don't have one
      anymore to check.

      Once you have rerun the sed command to create a config file for htttpd2, it
      should start up on port 81 without any problems. Then point your browser to


      where linkstation is the name or ip of your linkstation. Assuming you have
      some content in /mnt/share/www, voila!

      Keep in mind that you have to set the file permissions correctly for thttpd
      to serve your files. There are some posts in the newsgroup explaining how
      to use "chmod 644" to do this, try searching for that phrase and thttpd if
      you need help.


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      Thanks for your great information ! I got to work right away.

      I did everything as the Readme (firmware 2.06) told me to do. And I
      followed the Thttpd information:
      but I got an error copy/pasting this line (here is the error:)

      bash-2.05a# sed -e s/thttpd/thttpd2/g -e
      s/dir=\/www/dir=\/mnt\/hda\/share/www -
      e s/port=80/port=81/ /etc/thttpd.conf > /etc/thttpd2.conf
      sed: -e expression #2, char 12: Unknown option to 's'

      All the other lines which I had to enter, did ok. But I cannot surf
      to: (the static IP) :80 of :81
      I presume one of these should connect to the started HTTP server ?
      Instead I enter the factory HTTP server (The buffalo settings)..

      Thanks in advance !!

      > As wedgemusic points out, it is possible to get a basic http server
      > and running very quickly. It may, however, take more then an hour
      > someone who has no Linux experience as you will be digging around in
      > the file system and having to modify several files in order to get
      > things working the way you want/need.
      > There is no one-click script that will do it all for you. You'll
      > to get your hands dirty. :)
      > Before starting the guide wedgemusic points to, you will need to
      > download this file:
      > http://linkstationwiki.org/downloads/openlink/mipsel-openlink-
      > Follow the instructions inside to update the firmware on your
      > Linkstation (the firmware update program is included in the
      > Once you have it installed you will be able to telnet into your
      > Linkstation and execute the commands in the GeneralThttpd guide.
      > A few of us are working on getting Apache (a much more powerful web
      > server) up and running on the Linkstation. If you find that this
      > method does not work for you, there are efforts out there to get
      > something stronger up and running. I've installed Apache on my
      > Linkstation (it is not at all hard, even if you have no Linux
      > experience), but am trying to tweak it some.
      > --
      > Whatever you do - don't congratulate yourself too much, or berate
      > yourself either.
      > Your choices are half chance, and so are everybody else's.


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