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Re: Access linkstation over netbios through VPN

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  • James Stewart
    Although I m not a VPN expert, here are some things you have to have to make it work. You need VPN software/hardware running at both ends. This is to
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 2, 2005
      Although I'm not a VPN expert, here are some things you have to have
      to make it work.

      You need VPN software/hardware running at both ends. This is to
      un-encrypt the VPN packets, as well as to "authenticate" valid
      users. I'm guessing that with your old setup, you had VPN software
      running on the home computer you had providing these shared

      This means that you need to get the compatible VPN software running
      on your LS. The first step in this is determining which VPN system
      you are using, If you didn't install any special software, then you
      might be using Microsoft's VPN that is built into Windows. The next
      task is to locate a Linux version of the VPN software and then get
      it installed and running on the LS. One word of caution: The
      encrypting/decrypting process of the VPN is a little processor
      intensive, so I'm not sure if the LS would be able to be real fast
      at this, so don't expect real fast performance.

      Another alternative is to buy a stand alone VPN hardware box that is
      compatible with your corporate network. I think I've seen some of
      these sold by low-cost hardware manufactures (maybe even Buffalo!).
      I have no idea if they would be compatible with what you have. The
      idea here is to put it on your home network and let do all the work
      providing the netBIOS gateway between the two networks.

      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "Paul Taylor"
      <paul@t...> wrote:
      > I have just purchased the Buffalo linkstation and am wondering if
      > can mimic the functionality that I currently have set up with an
      > Windows machine acting as a file and print server. I have 3 other
      > machines that require access to the files and printer. One of
      > machines is typically connected to my corporate intranet through
      > But I'd still like to be able to access the files and printer
      > when the VPN is running.
      > In my current configuration, I have managed to do this by running
      > file and print server over NetBios / NetBeui instead of over
      > Somehow, even when the work computer is connected to the VPN using
      > TCP/IP, it can access the local computer over NetBios.
      > I was hoping that the linkstation could do something similar, but
      > far it doesn't look good. I thought I read something about the
      > linkstation using netbios, but right now I can't access the drive
      > my work computer when the VPN is running.
      > I'd be open to hacking the linkstation if it were relatively
      > straightforward. Any help is much appreciated.
      > Thanks...
      > pt
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