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Re: Debianize LS1 und make it a jukebox

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  • wedgemusic
    ... Installing Debian via a firmware flash didn t work. I ve stopped working on that project because margo is working on a better system (check the thread at
    Message 1 of 6 , Jun 18, 2005
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      > Can I just use default Buffalo Software to update my linkstation
      > with the debian_2005_06_09_dist.tgz from the frontalot WIKI?
      > Is the debian firmware ready for prime time or is this still
      > something "beta"?

      Installing Debian via a firmware flash didn't work. I've stopped
      working on that project because margo is working on a better system
      (check the thread at the LinkStationWiki).

      > What will be the status of the LS1 once this update process is
      > complete?
      > A minimal or a fully featured debian installation?

      You should be able to do most anything you can do with any other PPC
      computer. If you want to use OpenVPN and iptables make sure to use the
      latest additional kernl modules (which are already included in the
      Debian distribution available at the LinkStationWiki).

      > Partition size OK or everything squeezed into the small default
      > partition?

      That's one reason margo is working on his new method for installing
      Debian; the default partition of 300MB is just too small. A 1GB - 2GB
      main partition is good for most people (I use 1GB).

      > Is SSH enabled or Telnet?

      The Debian distribution comes with both telnet and SSH (dropbear)
      preinstalled. You will still need to log in via telnet the first time
      and create the appropriate keys before using SSH.

      > What is the default root pwd?

      default users are:

      > Is there support for USB sound in that distribution?

      Yes. It also includes support for iptables, tun, USB hubs, and more
      (full listing available at the LinkStationWiki).

      > Will power-button and LEDs work?

      Yes, our Japanese friends were kind enough to configure that for us.
      All the LEDs and buttons work as normal.

      > I am sure that many of these points are documented somewhere or in
      > someones head but can't find it...

      I documented on the LinkStationWiki virtually every step I took to
      install Debian. Follow the tutorials step-by-step and you shouldn't
      have any problems. Of course this assumes you have at least a basic
      knowledge of Linux.
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