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Re: connecting usb devices on LS debian

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  • James Stewart
    ... Darn, it is looking like the Kuro Kernel won t do USB-2 if it is in the LS for some reason. Hopefully there is a solution to this. ... There is a real
    Message 1 of 5 , May 30, 2005
      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "downlalaway"
      <downlalaway@y...> wrote:

      > ... usbview claims hard drive connected usb2.0 at 480Mbps.

      Darn, it is looking like the Kuro Kernel won't do USB-2 if it is in
      the LS for some reason. Hopefully there is a solution to this.

      > but dmesg does give:
      > usb.c: error registering usblp driver
      > usb.c: unable to get major 180 for usb devices
      > so maybe there's a problem.

      There is a real good chance you don't have device nodes set up
      in /dev. Look for a directory in /dev/ called "usb". If you don't
      have one, create it: "mkdir usb", make sure it is world executable
      and readable, you can do a "chmod 755 /dev/usb" to make sure. Then
      go into that directory and start creating device nodes:

      mknod /dev/usb/lp0 c 180 0
      mknod /dev/usb/lp1 c 180 1
      .... etc
      mknod /dev/usb/scanner0 c 180 48
      mknod /dev/usb/scanner1 c 180 49
      .... etc

      make sure they are world read/writeable (chmod 666 *)

      This might be your only problem.

      > dmesg | more gives an indication usb 2.0 is there (see below) and
      > moving a 55MB file to the LS and then back again takes 28 and
      > 23secs respectively (2-3M/sec). Since its an 3 year old laptop
      > hard drive I guess that's usb2 running.

      Yes, that is over 15 megabits/sec, which is certainly faster than
      the 12 megabits maximum that USB-1 can do.

      Darn, so I might go over to the Kurobox forums and see if any of
      those people know anything about this.

      > I did update-menus just after posting and they all reappeared
      > FYI.

      It is odd that you had to do this, but oh well. The good thing
      about Debian is that when it messes up, there is usually a command
      somewhere that will fix it.

      > I'm also getting sound feedback through the vncclient - my winxp
      > box makes a ding when the confirm box for xfe file viewer comes
      > up. Interesting...

      That is odd, I don't think VNC remotes out audio streams like the MS
      "remote desktop protocol" does, maybe this is just the "system bell"
      charactor being sent.

      > Knowing how you put on cups would be great..

      Lets see, I installed cupsys, cupsys-bsd (not sure if it is needed
      in your case), cupsys-client, cupsys-driver-gimpprint, and
      cupsys-driver-gimpprint-data, then I think I then ended up needing
      to install Ghostscript (gs-common, gs-esp, gs-gpl, gsfonts). A
      whole lot of stuff, but your Stylus CX-3200 printer is listed (so it
      is supported). The foomatic direction you started on might also
      work, but you probably need "foomatic-db-gimp-print" and a couple of
      other things it depends on if you don't already have them. This
      might be a quicker, cleaner way to get there. Printing on Unix-like
      systems is sure a mess!

      > dmesg | more output:

      Oh, and thanks for the output, I will really come in handy for me to
      resolve my USB problem.
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