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Re: Installing Skype In/Out on Linkstation

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  • James Stewart
    ... I m a long ways off. I really don t want to pioneer something that could brick my LS if I do something wrong. I need to see how the Kurobox people are
    Message 1 of 4 , May 22, 2005
      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "gouldyis" <gouldyis@y...>

      > hows your "everything but the kitchen sink" going??

      I'm a long ways off. I really don't want to pioneer something that
      could "brick" my LS if I do something wrong. I need to see how the
      Kurobox people are doing with compiling and installing kernels again.
      Last I checked, someone had written a kernel module that you can use
      to "test" kernels without having to install it in flash first. A real
      breakthrough. Then I either want to get away from the Monta-vista
      kernel completly or at least be able to install a much new version of
      the the Linux kernel because I don't trust the aging 2.4.17 kernel.
      It has some security issues which prevents me from revealing the the
      nice web page and public FTP server I have running on it to everyone.

      > I see you got this gadget ( http://www.imagestore.us/product.asp?
      > pf_id=SC%2DUSB%2D5%2E1 )how is working?

      Great, except the volume control doesn't work in many programs for
      some reason. I also haven't tested the input capability (which of
      course you would need for your VoIP). There might be a mode where you
      can make the input jack function as an output jack for two more audio
      channels. I have no idea if it is in this mode or not yet.

      > In my original question about skype, I would need to install debian
      > on LS,

      You don't *have* to, but I do think this would be the easiest route in
      the long run.

      > therefor I would need have a pc on in order to have access to
      > it, is that right?

      No, this is simply how I did it. Notice the guy that put Debian on
      his MIPS based LS-II did it all without removing the hard drive. You
      might check with him for details.

      > I am not intirely confident about playing around with LS unless
      > there is a "Idiot proof" how-to to help me.

      At any point in the procedure I wrote, you should be able to bail out
      and restore the LS's original OS using the PC based factory FW
      installer/upgrader. The problem is that I've never done it so I'm not
      going to write a how-to that pretends as if I have.

      > Ive got LS1 (1.45) that should make it easier at least I suppose (I
      > hope)

      Yes, you would really be a pioneer on the LS2, but someone has had
      success with it.
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