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Linkstation HD120LAN in WIn 2003 (SBS) Environment - Working

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  • jeffmwood63
    Hi All, You guys are all operating at a much more technical level than this post, but I just wanted to mention (with thanks) a solution to a problem I have had
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2005
      Hi All,

      You guys are all operating at a much more technical level than this
      post, but I just wanted to mention (with thanks) a solution to a
      problem I have had for a couple of months. I bought a Linkstation a
      year or so ago and set it up in my Win NT4 Domain. It did not work
      until I upgraded the firmware to 1.44 then, to my surprise, when I
      gave it the domain name, it negotiated a machine account with the
      server and appeared in browse lists, made its shares available etc.
      etc. It even turned up in the list of computers in NT's server
      management tools (but of course you could not actually manage it
      from there). It did not seem to pull the domain user lists
      successfully, but as an unsecured general share available to
      machines running 2K, XP and NT4 it was great. Then I upgraded my
      domain to a Win 2003, and the Linkstation 'disappeared'.

      I could still access the web interface and ping the device, but
      hours and hours (and hours and hours and hours) of attempts to get
      at the shares from any other domain computer were to no avail. Even
      guest computers on the LAN but not in the domain could not even see
      the Linkstation in browse lists and could not net use to its
      shares. Other than occasionally googling the problem in an idle
      moment, I gave up.

      Well, long story slightly shorter, yesterday I found this group,
      downloaded the 1.47 firmware upgrader via one of the links in the
      links section, failed to follow the advice to turn off the firewall
      in the machine the upgrade was running from, (and therefore) failed
      to upgrade the device, then FOLLOWED the advice to turn off the
      firewall and successfully upgraded the firmware - after which I was
      delighted to find my Linkstation back in browse lists.

      The 1.47 web interface no longer offers the option to join a domain -
      just a workgroup. The interface offers the advice to leave the
      workgroup name blank if joining a domain, but there is nowhere to
      put a domain name and it will not accept a blank workgroup name. I
      was able to put the LS in a workgroup, but then I put my domain name
      instead of the workgroup name - and (to my delight and astonishment)
      now the LS appears in the list of domain computers in the browse
      list! Users can brows to it, see and access the shares and net use
      to them. It is still basically unsecured (and unsecurable) and I do
      not really understand ADS, so I do not know how its shares
      will 'fit' in the ADS architecture, but I really only use the LS for
      archival data (which has static backups elsewhere) and network
      accessible copies of data CDs etc. so it does not really matter.
      The point is that now that I have it 'back', I have freed up 120GB
      of much more expensive tape backed-up SCSI RAID disk space
      for 'real' data.

      I am grateful to he/she or those who established this group and to
      you all for the effort you make to assist the on-line community. I
      am sorry for the long post, but having been assisted, I wanted to
      offer this story to help to other neophytes who may encounter the
      same problem.

      Thanks and Regards,

      Jeff Wood
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