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Re: [LinkStation_General] Re: increase memory?

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  • James Ronald
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      Subject: [LinkStation_General] Re: increase memory?

      > Paul,
      > Finally got my SDRAM in. I installed both SDRAM's. Same speed and
      > type as the originals. Turned the board on and it still works
      > fine. :)
      > However it does not see the other two SDRAM's. That was pretty much
      > expected. The board had to be configured for 32 bits somehow. I
      > confirmed it is connected up as either 32 bit or 64 bit.
      > One 1K resistor decides if its 64Mbytes or 128Mbytes. The resistor
      > in forces 32 bit mode. Taking the resistor out forces 64 bit mode.
      > Well 64bit mode only makes the unit hang until the watchdog timer
      > kills the power. No uart access at all.
      > Couple of possibilities I see at this point.
      > 1) The firmware does not allow 64 bit mode.
      > 2) I didn't get it into 64 bit mode.
      > 3) SDRAM could be bad or soldered wrong. (not likely)
      > Since the Kuro/HG does support 4 SDRAM's it could still be either 1
      > or 2. Will have to spend some more time researching other
      > possibilities. Trying to use my wiggler on the JTAG to access the
      > memory and decode if the memory size is changing right.
      > During this execise I also confirmed that the Flash @IC18 is used as
      > 8 bit, not 16 as I saw reported somewhere (I think here).
      > To much misinformation is reported. If you don't know then don't
      > say you do know. Say your guessing or your sons girlfiend who is a
      > biology major thinks so. :-)
      > Yes the flash is a 16 bit part but its shorted to byte mode. Its
      > chip select is connected to RCS0 for access. The flash at IC19 (if
      > installed) is connected up in parallel with the exception it uses
      > RCS1 for access. So both parts can be installed together. If more
      > Flash is needed it looks pretty simple to solder it in. But they
      > both are still 8 bit.
      > Rich


      Any progress on the SDRAM upgrade to 128MB?

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