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Re: Custom distribution for LinkStations?

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  • James Stewart
    ... Not true. I am currently running Debian but with the original kernel. Doing so with Gentoo works except that Gentoo expects that devfs is compileded in
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 13, 2005
      > Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 17:38:07 -0000
      > From: "balimbabullabe" <balimbabullabe@...>
      > Subject: Re: Custom distribution for LinkStations?
      > But it's very easy to turn your Linkstation useless
      > because changing to a different distribution nearly
      > almost means to change the flash.

      Not true. I am currently running Debian but with the
      original kernel. Doing so with Gentoo works except
      that Gentoo expects that "devfs" is compileded in the
      kernel. For a test before I did it (but after I was
      running the whole thing in a "chroot"ed environment) I
      took a surplus hard drive and unarchived the whole
      thing on it and put it in the LS to make sure it
      worked before I did it to the original hard drive. If
      something goes wrong, you should be able to just run
      the software updater and put everything back.

      > And if you mess this one up it's not so easy to
      > boot the Linkstation again and restore
      > it to it's prior state because there's not
      > "recovery console" or booting from stick, cd or
      > even floppy.

      This is a scary thing about the LS. One should be
      careful about what they do in any case.

      > But if you can live with a 2.4.17 kernel it should
      > be possible to compile any program for the
      > Linkstation you can get your hands on.

      The kernel isn't really the problem except that this
      one has very limited hardware support and other
      features and has a few security issues too. The LS OS
      is a bit old and everything on it is compiled with an
      older compiler and shared library set. Some software
      will require new stuff which will be incompatible with
      the old stuff. It's like running WinXP programs on
      Win9x: some stuff works, some doesn't.

      > --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com,
      > "rossburton42" <ross@b...>
      > wrote:

      > > Has anyone been brave enough to boot a
      > > LinkStation with a freshly installed
      > > distribution? Being PPC based, a stripped Debian
      > > or OpenedEmbedded should work fine.

      Here are some: (Vine, Gentoo, & Debian) if you don't
      mind dealing with the Japanese language website (the
      distros themselves are English):


      As noted above, these only work on the PPC based
      units. I am running the debian one which I simply did
      the "apt-get --dist-upgrade" to "sid" and easily then
      added a bunch of cool stuff to it (see pictures in the
      pictures section of this group). Basically I just
      took the hard drive out of the LS, put it in a Linux
      workstation (a bootable live CD like Knoppix will do
      fine), and unarchived the debian distro on to the a
      wiped-clean first partition and put the drive back in
      the LS and booted it up.

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