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Re: Disadvantages of turning Linkstation -> Kurobox ?

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  • Walter Englert
    Thank you very much, Paul. That s exact the kind of statement that helps me very much in my decision not to convert my linkstation to a kurobox. I think with
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 31, 2005
      Thank you very much, Paul. That's exact the kind of statement that
      helps me very much in my decision not to convert my linkstation to a
      kurobox. I think with the help of some How-To's on this board I will
      be able to install some improvements or facilities on the
      Linkstation so that I can avoid the risk of turning it to a Kuro.

      -<paul_t_milligan@y...> wrote:
      > I have 2 Linkstations, one of which I have converted. If you -- In
      LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "Paul Milligan (home)" are
      > comfortable with Linux at the command prompt level then the Kuro
      > firmware is an easier place to start for personal configuration
      > (Linkstation lacks many basic utilities).
      > Like all things, there are negatives:-
      > 1) Linkstation is under development by Buffalo, there have been
      about 6
      > firmware releases in the last 6 months, his means bugs and
      > are being fixed and new features (e.g. Pcast) are being added.
      > By contrast, nothing has happened on the Kuro site (from Buffalo)
      > October 2004, indeed there is no indication that anyone in Buffalo
      > working on this product any more.
      > 2) The Linkstation web-based management interface is more fully
      > developed than the KuroBox version
      > 3) Buffalo are making it much harder to "hack" the Linkstation,
      > obviously don't want people to customise it. We may well get to a
      > version of Linkstation firmware that cannot be modified.
      > 4) A lot of really useful info on the KuroBox is in Japanese; web
      > translators do some of the work, but it's still often difficult to
      > 5) The KuroBox firmware has lots of additional packages and
      > that you can load (compilers etc.).
      > 6) If your ultimate goal is a Debian / Gentoo system then Kuro is
      > place to start (I've got Yellow Dog on my Kuro firmware).
      > 7) Like circumcision, the move to Kuro seems irreversible.
      > So the answer would tend to be:-
      > If you just want to add some facilities that are documented in
      > forum (slimserver, iTunes, Twonkyvision ...) then the Linkstation
      > firmware is an OK place to start. If you want a flexible
      > platform with lots of extras that you're happy to work on yourself
      > Kuro is better.
      > No doubt this post will flush out some contrary positions. One of
      > Linux's greatest strengths is that it doesn't force a single
      solution to
      > each problem.
      > Walter Englert wrote:
      > >
      > > Can someone plz tell me what disadvantages i will have to expect
      > > turning my LS into a Kurobox (besides loosing warranty of
      > > I've searched this newsgroup but didn't find a general answer.
      > > who did it successfully are enthusiastic about the
      possibilities. Those
      > > who bricked their LS are trying to revert it. But what about
      those who
      > > did converting their LS to a Kurobox successfully but are
      > > annoying disadvantages in their daily routine? Are there
      > > I would appreciate every sincere answer.
      > >
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