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Re: Linkstation not getting out through my router?

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  • rafael_c_trujillo
    Mmm, I just started having facing this same problem, I m not able to make the linkstation go through the router, it works just fine inside the LAN, but can get
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 31, 2004
      Mmm, I just started having facing this same problem, I'm not able to
      make the linkstation go through the router, it works just fine
      inside the LAN, but can get to the linkstation from the WAN. I was
      blaming the router (D-Link), so I decided to try a different brand
      (Netgear), no luck. Anyone else?

      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, James Stewart
      <wartstew@y...> wrote:
      > I'm finally getting around to attempting to get Debian
      > Linux installed on my Linkstation so that from then on
      > software installs and updates will just be an
      > "apt-get" away. I'm working on using the
      > "debootstrap" scripts so to do the whole install from
      > the existing Linkstation Linux.
      > Anyway, I ran into a problem.
      > My linkstation can't seem to get out through my little
      > D-link router. Here are the details:
      > My router seems to be working fine, my other
      > workstations (including other linux ones) work just
      > fine through it and can ping the router too.
      > I had modified the /etc/network/interfaces to have the
      > correct information, including the gateway address,
      > and rebooted the linkstation.
      > Sure enough the routing table now has the gateway
      > listed:
      > Destination Gateway Genmask Flags Metric Ref Use
      > Iface
      > * U 0 0 0 eth0
      > default UG 0 0 0 eth0
      > I ping my gateway ( from the linkstation
      > and get nothing, and of course I try to ping something
      > on the internet (by IP address since there is no DNS
      > lookup running on the linkstation) and also get no
      > response. The linkstation can ping everything else on
      > my LAN however.
      > =============
      > Other things I've done to my linkstation that might be
      > related:
      > I've upgraded the "firmware" from 1.43 to 1.44.
      > I've changed the root password (in /etc/passwd) to the
      > one I had entered into the Linkstation's web
      > interface. Since doing this, I no longer have access
      > to the web interface (claims password is no good), but
      > telnet login works just fine.
      > On 1.43 and 1.44 the web interface seems to quit
      > working anyway after about a day or so for some
      > reason. If you reboot the computer, it starts working
      > again.
      > ===============
      > Any ideas?
      > For reasons like above, I'd really like to pitch the
      > factory OS on this thing as soon as possible so to get
      > a more standard Linux running on it, while importing
      > or otherwise dealing with the functions provided by
      > the Atmel processor.
      > ====
      > A separate but related project is to put my own kernel
      > on the linkstation. Can someone who has done this now
      > post a summery of what they did? Has anyone compiled
      > their own virgin kernel (like from kernel.org), or
      > only recompiled the MontaVista one from Buffalo? I've
      > compiled kernels for other machines a lot, so I don't
      > need any basics on doing this, only the special
      > "gotcha's" that are specific to the linkstation.
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