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  • James Stewart
    ... Untarring the Japanese Debian on the 3rd partition and using chroot (I put a copy of chroot in the files section of this group some time ago) is very
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 3, 2005
      --- jah_pix <jah_pix@...> wrote:

      > wow im seriously impressed .. especially the way
      > you made it sound so easy lol
      > .. this would be fantastic if you could do a
      > readme/howto for the n()()bs amoungst us all that
      > would really love to get debian
      > running.

      Untarring the Japanese Debian on the 3rd partition and
      using "chroot" (I put a copy of "chroot" in the
      "files" section of this group some time ago) is very
      easy and doesn't disturb the original OS. In fact it
      is really crazy how both OS's seem to run at the same
      time this way. I could telnet into the original one,
      or ssh into Debian, I had the original web interface
      running while I was in a vnc session in the Debian
      one. To make chroot work, you telnet into the LS and
      do something like "chroot /mnt/debian" where "debian"
      is the directory I put the japanese distro at. True
      you don't run the Debian init scripts, but you can
      manually startup what ever services you want once you
      are in.

      I plan to do a How-to, if not an actual installer of
      some sort as soon as I get the time to figure out what
      is wrong with my LS. It boots on the drive I had put
      the japanese debian on it just fine, but it won't boot
      the original drive (I get the 6 flashes of the diag
      light which means hard drive problem). I can put the
      drive in a Linux workstation and it appears just fine.
      I'm thinking maybe the journalling on the EXT3 file
      system may have had some compatibility problems
      between the version on the original LS and the very
      current version on workstation? Or is it possible the
      the DMA mode on the hard drive's firmware got set to
      an incompatible mode when I put the drive in the
      computer that only did 33mhz DMA? Any ideas how to
      trouble shoot the problem? I'm planning to put put a
      "debug statement" early on in the init scripts (to
      write a text file or flash the LED's in a different
      manor) to see if it at least gets that far. It also
      looks like maybe the /var directory (where logs are
      kept) might live in one of the flash regions. If true
      I can probably look at them for clues.


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