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fixed [was bricked] my ls-2-kurobox

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  • Jose Quezada
    woohoo! got my ls-kuro server back working, and i didn t lose any data! here s what i did (if you re so inclined): 0: in case you didn t recall: i bricked my
    Message 1 of 6 , Feb 1, 2005
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      woohoo! got my ls-kuro server back working, and i
      didn't lose any data!

      here's what i did (if you're so inclined):
      0: in case you didn't recall: i bricked my ls-kuro by
      accidently deleting /bin, /etc, /usr. i am a highly
      trained idiot, don't try that at home.

      1: i removed my hd from my ls-kuro, then plugged it
      into one of my windows servers at work.

      2: i booted said win server with a knoppix cd (this cd
      is god-sent).

      3: used qtpart to reformat hda1 into an ext2 partition
      & hda2 into a linux-swap partition. both partitions
      were unknown to knoppix.

      4: loaded the tmpimage from revogear unto hda1.

      5: put my ls hd back into the ls

      6: restarted ls.

      that was it. my kurobox was back & everything in hda3
      (all my shares, etc) were there & intact. back in

      thanks to all who helped.


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