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Re: Canon i550 with LinkStation and Windows?

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  • born_daniel
    ... Yep, Dan the Man! ;-) ... when ... Yes. ... Yes. ... I ve never tried it but I would think so... ... The only functionality I ve lost is the little popup
    Message 1 of 7 , Jan 26 8:12 AM
      > You're the man! :-o :-) :-)

      Yep, Dan the Man! ;-)

      > Can you run the maintenance programs, so head cleaning and so on
      > the i550 is attached to the LinkStation?


      > Does the "auto-power-on" work?


      > Does the time-dependant "silent mode" work?

      I've never tried it but I would think so...

      > (would be good, but I could also simply hook it shortly to my laptop
      > if I want to run some maintenance...)

      The only functionality I've lost is the little popup that tells me
      that one of my ink cartridges is low or empty...

      Glad I could help! :-)
      Get the LinkStation, you won't regret it (and read all the postings
      in this group for all the tasty mods/hacks you can do too!)

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