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6845Re: [LinkStation_General] HS-DH500GL constant network activity?

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  • paul
    Nov 6, 2010
      sigfreund said the following on 11/6/2010 7:23 AM:
      > I have a HS-DH500GL and because of constant network and drive
      > activity rarely leave it on. Is this normal? I worry that maybe it
      > is being accessed or probed from sources outsie my home network. I
      > don't understand what it is doing with all of my computers in my
      > network off yet it still shows network and hard drive activity
      > activity. Is there any way to get it to sleep when it is not being
      > used?

      Probed from outside your LAN? You /do/ have a router and are not just
      plugging the ISP feed into a hub? Get thee to www.grc.com and use
      ShieldsUP. Once you are "stealth" the activity seen by your linksys is
      from your LAN.

      My linksys stays on a lot. I think it is a combination of "when to
      sleep" time and network activity.

      Network activity.... when you map a drive letter to the linksys Windows
      is going to ping it once in a while while your PC is in use.

      When all the PC's go to sleep, the linksys does, too.

      You can try un-mapping to the linksys... it should still appear in
      Explorer in Network Places. yeah, I'm still using XP.


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