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6836Linkstation Live

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  • dh1jc
    Oct 25, 2010
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      I might can buy a cheap LinkStation Live.

      But I really need nfs support and mostly not the media server whatever things on it.
      (read a lot that it will slow down the linkstation very much)

      Also I read here and in forums that I can use the files from "Linkstation Pro - 8USB & 2SATA" to install on the LS Live.

      So currently I'm unsure what to do... :/

      So what to update first? LS up to Version 1.15? (which also includes nfs)

      Maybe then the Dual drive? (OK I'll have only one 1TG disk)

      Anything I missed so far?

      How to get rid of the media services on the LS?