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6831LinkStation Quad - need to install 4 new drives - need help!

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  • mcp1434
    Aug 27, 2010
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      I had purchased a new LS-QL/R5 1TB NAS, as i already have a 8TB model which I like, so i bought the 1TB with the intention to upgrade the drive capacity. Unfortunately I didn't do my research, and ended up blowing away the partitions on the included 250GB drives, and found out that my 4 1TB drives wouldn't do anything without the OS loaded on them, and that I should have changed drives one at a time.
      Of course, Buffalo will not provide advice as the warantee is voided.

      I have attached the NAS to my PC, and see that it only gets the address for a limited time, then it is unreachable.

      Is there any hope to revive this NAS?

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