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6817twonky on lspro using latest steviewonder shmod9

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  • Dan the
    Jul 7, 2010
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      ok so i just upgraded my lspro to a new 2tb hd and decided to change to the steviewonder firmware after reading up on it....the install went just fine. the main reason i wanted it was for the twonky integration. first few times i had no issues getting to the config page for the twonky software but now i cant get into it for the life of me.
      i tried everything but nothing is working. i reset root password and checked the ini file with vi and its properly set to enalbleweb=2. i dont know what else to try? i keep getting the red screen when i go to the config or setup page which says "Access is restricted to MediaServer configuration!"
      anyone have any other ideas for me to try?
      i can access the webbrowse page just fine and it shows my data from the nas but i would like to tweak the folders its looking at and cant do that without access to the setup or config pages...
      any help would be appreciated and thanks for the great firmware!