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6810Re: [LinkStation_General] Getting squeezebox onto a new NAS

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  • Wladston Viana
    May 31, 2010
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      I have one running on my box here ..

      and I'll tell you ... it's a lot of trouble, because their .deb package doesn't support power pc.

      it will be a pain if you are not a linux/pearl expert.

      On Mon, May 31, 2010 at 3:56 PM, alexmylar <alexmylar@...> wrote:

      First post, so be gentle!!

      My sole objective is just to get a Logitech Squeezebox system runninhg from a recently purchased Buffalo Linksatation Live (Type LS-CHL V2D08 , 1Tb). It has firmware v 1.24. The Linkstation shows up on my screen, and the Memeo back up seems to be happily working away. I know next to nothing about Linux, but have got to use it a bit in my frstrated efforts so far, see below.

      The rest of the network is two computers both running XP. The Buffalo software has only been loaded onto my computer, so far.

      I managed with the help of Buffalo Technology to finally get web access, clicking on the icon, though I had to use IE instead of my usual Firefox.

      I then followed a detailed article in user forums> third party hardware at slimdevices.com. The article was "Even easier Squeezebox install on Buffalo Linkstations Pro and Live" by user Tired Legs. I got as far as running acp_commander.jar using the cmd.exe box, in order to get telnet access. In spite of positive return messages (the last said "you can now telnet to your box as user 'root' providing no/an empty password") I have been unable to use telnet.

      I nwas directed to other forums and found this connection there.

      When I enter "telnet" followed by the IP address of the unit, in the cmd.exe window, the response is "Could not open connection to the host on port 23:connect failed"

      The windows firewall was disabled at the time. I have read of others getting the port 23 response.

      I have very little experience with Linux but am good at following instructions!

      Any bright ideas?

      Wladston Viana Ferreira Filho
      Belo Horizonte - MG, Brasil
      Computer Science student (UFMG)
      Visit the project: s1mp3.org
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