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6801Add a Media Server to my LinkStation

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  • LMPhil@aol.com
    Mar 8 9:44 AM
      I was wondering if anyone can help me achieve adding a Media server to my Linkstation. I have a Roku music player and always have to power up a PC to hear music from my roughly 50 gigabytes of MP3's. The Roku uses upnp to play music. My linkstation is the original ppc based HD-H120LAN but has a 200 Gig hard drive since the original 120 Gig crashed. The software level is 1.47 (the latest from Buffalo). i have read a lot about people who have done this, but there does not seem to be a "cookbook" receipe. There seems to be a lot of media servers and a lot of literature on how to install. Any help, especially in a cookbook form would be greatly appreciated. thank you, Lou