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6791Re: [LinkStation_General] Maximum Size External USB Drive

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  • John Railsback
    Dec 2, 2009
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      According the the manual for the Linkstation HD or HG LAN series drives, you must format the drive through the Linkstation while it is attached to the USB port.  Attach the drive, and navigate to the USB Disk Setup section of the software and select USB Disk Setup.  This should format the drive (I don't have this model, so I am going from the manual). 

      On the Linkstations that I have (LS-GL 750 and QuadStation) you must format the drive in this way.  In fact with the Quad-Station, which has two USB ports, you must alway connect the external drive to the same USB port that it was formatted on, or it will not work.  When you connect the drive to the Linkstation, it should be recognizable, but not accessible by the drive until you format it through the Linkstation.

      From the manual:

      An attached USB Disk can be configured as an additional shared folder for
      additional storage space. The attached USB Disk must be formatted by the
      LinkStation before it can be used on LinkStation. If a USB Disk is attached
      to LinkStation, it must be attached to the rear USB Port.

      Link to the manual is here is you don't have a copy: 

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      Subject: [LinkStation_General] Maximum Size External USB Drive
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      Date: Wednesday, December 2, 2009, 10:24 AM


      I recently tried to attach an external USB drive 1 TB...which the Linkstation HD-HLAN160, (or similar) could not mount. I then manually formated a 500GB EXT3 partition using Gparted...and the Linkstation could not mount it. Is it just too big? Anything (within reason) that can be done to use this external drive with my full linkstation?

      And sort of related...Is it worth my effort to attempt to put in a larger drive inside the Linkstation, or at 5 years old, should I just replace it?

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