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6771Problems Installing Twonkyvision 4.4.11 on Linkstation II (MIPS)

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  • william.plowman@btinternet.com
    Jun 3, 2009
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      I used Twonkyvision successfully on my Linkstation for several years. After having to rebuild my Linkstation following a drive failure I installed firefly rather than twonkyvision. I now have a need to run Twonky again.

      I downloaded the NAS installer from Twonky's website (see Link below). It appears to install ok and I can see the twonkymedia processes running. However, I cannot open the web page or connect from my media player (BT Internet Radio). netstat -an shows that the LS is listening on port 9000.


      - Has anybody else og this working?
      - Have I missed something?
      - Does anybody have an older version of Twonky NAS installer? (I'm sorry I cannot remember which version of Twonky I had running before).

      (Note, I have a key for Twonky).
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