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6764Re: [LinkStation_General] Recover data from a Linkstation HD250

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  • paul
    May 23, 2009
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      Gerardo Gomez said the following on 5/19/2009 11:11 PM:
      > Hi All,
      > I have a Linkstation HD250. I cannot turn it on again, I am guessing
      > that there was some power failure and it blew up the internal power
      > supply. I managed to open the enclosure and rescued the Hard Drive
      > which is a Wester Digital WD2500. I hooked it up to a USB Drive
      > Adaptor and it started spinning, step one: sucess... Step two: I
      > attached the usb to my laptop (Windows Vista) and it recognized the
      > hard drive, however it does not assign a drive letter and the storage
      > manager does not allow you to assign a letter.

      So far, so good. You might have better luck if you open your PC and
      slave the drive. Might have to tell BIOS there is a new drive. Oh,
      wait, you have a laptop. The USB will have to do.

      Windows is not going to recognize the drive. Sure, Disk Manager can see
      it, but not Explorer or File Manager. Because the drive is formatted as
      whatever Linksys uses (I forget a name and there are choices) and
      Windows can read FAT and NTFS.

      > I have read that this drive may have a disk controler for linux. I do
      > not have a linux operating system so I found an applicatio called
      > explore2fs that can read a hard drive however our friends from
      > Buffalo inserted the 'magic number', I know that Fix ext2 magic would
      > fix this but I have not found a program like that for my windows
      > vista laptop.

      Get a copy of Ubuntu. Or some other flavor of 'nix. Something that can
      boot from the CD. No installing and screwing up of your laptop needed.
      Then just copy all your stuff over to your C:\. Making a folder
      beforehand on the Desktop may make it all easier.

      Should work. Tho I have no idea if the USB stuff will work.

      If the disk has a lot of stuff, it will take a while.

      > Anybody has any suggestions on how to rescue my data using my Windows
      > laptop? Should I try to run linux on it just to rescue my data?
      > Thanks for your help and time,
      > Gerardo.



      Not tonight, dear. I have a modem.
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