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6670Linkstaion Failure :(

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  • scottgriz
    Mar 13, 2009
      I have an HD-HG250LAN which went belly up. I'm thinking it might have been an overheat issue and blew something. I came home one day and it was off. Every attempt to restart it was unsuccessful. I opened it up and found it had some dust in the vents but it wasn't all that bad.
      Now, when I press the power button, the blue light on the front blinks rapidly and I hear a tick-tick-tick-tick sound. The drive sounds like it wants to spin up, but then spins back down, same with the fan. The tick sound doesn't appear to be coming from the drive. It doesn't sound like the drive head click we are all familiar with. It sounds more electronic.
      Does anyone know the output voltages that I should be reading on the power supply so that I can test that and eliminate (or confirm) that as a problem? I put a meter to it and got 5v in a couple places but I am not sure what all the readings should be. I hate to scrap the unit, but at this point I don't know what else to do. I have it completely apart now and just trying to think of what to check next. If I pull the drive and were to put it in another system and clean format it, will I be destroying any possibility of using this as a linkstation again or is it possible to write the software back to it later? I'm thinking I would like to rule out the drive by putting it in an external case, but I am not sure I would even be able to access it without first formatting it.

      Any thoughts on this problem would be greatly appreciated.

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