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6610Re: need help getting data off the drive

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  • James Stewart
    Jan 13, 2009
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      Sorry , but it has been awhile since I've done this sort of thing,

      First, is the drive actually being detected? To find out, after you
      boot Ubuntu, plug in the USB adapter, then open a command shell and
      type "dmesg" (without the quotes of course). At the end of the long
      list there should be some lines about finding a USB storage device and
      assigning it to a SCSI device name such as "/dev/sda". If this
      happens, then at least the disk is being detected. Otherwise I would
      try plugging the drive into a real IDE controller inside a computer.
      I've had some trouble with a few of these IDE-2-USB adapters not
      always working with all drives for some reason.

      If you get a SCSI device assigned, then do:

      "sudo fdisk /dev/sda" (replacing "sda" with whatever is listed above)
      at command prompt and see if it has a readable partition table. If it
      does not then you need to use the "Fix Magic" utility, I think I put a
      copy in the FILES section of this group years ago.

      After this then you should be able to at least manually mount the
      drive somewhere: "sudo mount /dev/sda3 /mnt" or something like that
      and then go look in "/mnt" or where ever you mount it for all your stuff.

      Please report back how far you get, or not get.

      Also note that there is a free Windows Utility called "explore2fs"
      (Google for it) that will read the file system on this device from
      Windows if you'd prefer to do it that way. You might still need to do
      the "fix Magic" first as my LS shipped with an invalid filesystem
      "Magic" number from the factory just to confuse us.

      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "scrubbydouglas"
      <scrubbydouglas@...> wrote:
      > I can't solder. Why did I ever try to upgrade the fan? Anyway...
      > I pulled out the disk drive and I'm trying to connect it to an old
      PC running ubuntu live from
      > the CD-ROM. I'm using a Vantec IDE to USB 2.0 Adapter. The drive
      spins up but when I plug it
      > into the USB port on the PC it doesn't show up.
      > Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere...but how do I mount
      this drive to a linux box
      > so I can get my data back?
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