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6540linkstation live how to link to itunes and iphone?

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  • davideastaugh
    Oct 23, 2008
      Sorry to ask but but am I missing something?

      I have just bought a 1Tb new verion linkstation live the LS-CH1.0TL
      that is supposed according to the box be fully compatible with Itunes
      and the Iphone.

      Thing is after going through 70 pages of instructions (twice just
      incase I missed it the first time) I have found no details on how to
      link itunes or the iphone to this NAS.

      If buffalo are advertising the feature I would have expected the
      instructions or the website at least to have something about it but

      If I wanted to just map a drive and dump my music on it I could saved
      a load of money and bought something else.

      As you might have gathered I'm less than impressed with this thing.

      If I have missed the instrucions then just tell me where and I will
      go hang my head in shame and sit in the naughty corner....
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