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6537Re: Data Transfer Speed

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  • g_m_s
    Sep 12 2:11 PM
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      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "musikgoat"
      <musikgoat@...> wrote:
      > In my opinion, if you want to achieve quick transfers from the
      > Linkstation to your usb drivestation, you should gain telnet access
      > to the device, and initiate the movement of data from inside the
      > linkstation.

      To expand a tiny bit on what MusikGoat wrote, you need to download
      ACP_COMMANDER from SourceForge. It's a Java applet. You run it from a
      DOS/Windows command prompt. This unlocks Telnet on the Linkstation.
      You usually only have to run acp_commander once (until your LS is next
      rebooted). Before running it, you must turn off your PC's firewall, or
      modify your firewall to open the correct ports. I find it easier to
      just turn off the f/w while running telnet.

      After acp_commander says you can get into your LS, you run Telnet [ip
      address of LS] at a command prompt on your pc. Then you can move files
      between folders and shares of the LS. Here are a few things you may
      need to know if you're not familiar with Linux.

      LS command is like "dir" command in Dos/Windows

      LS -l gives a detailed listing

      If you just type "ls" at a prompt, you won't appear to get anything,
      because you're above the root. "ls /" will give you the contents of
      the root. "ls /mnt/" will give you the volumes of drives. If your LS
      has raid, "ls /mnt/array1" lists the contents of the raid
      array. "ls /mnt/usbdisk1" lists contents of usb disk one.

      CP command is like "xcopy" in Dos/Windows

      CHMOD lets you modify permissions on files and folders.
      *EVERYTHING* in Linux is case sensitive, so wear a motorcycle helmet
      if you dont' want to pull out all your hair in frustration

      I can move about 20gb of stuff from usb to main array in about 5
      minutes. Using Windows explorer, it could take over a half hour.

      I'm still a noob at Linkstations and Linux, so ask guru's like
      Musikgoat for specific details.
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