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6512Re: [LinkStation_General] Re: Help supporting Debian on a Kurobox

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  • Rogério Brito
    Aug 27, 2008
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      Hi there.

      Here is a question for those involved in Debian packaging.

      First of all, let me state my intended purpose: I want to provide as much
      support in Debian proper as is feasible for the Kurobox and Linkstation
      (since I have a plain Kurobox and I want to run programs from this century
      on it).

      On Aug 23 2008, Rogério Brito wrote:
      > I'm a bit reluctant to go to extremes right now with the JTAG
      > interface and u-boot (BTW, thanks to everybody who has replied).

      I may now consider using the JTAG interface if that's what's needed to
      flash the firmware. I'm still uncertain of what the flow of the boot
      process of the Kurobox is.

      > I'm happy to report that after some hours chrooting the thing,
      > configuring things etc, I'm able to use an etch userspace on this
      > Kurobox, which is quite an improvement regarding the software it came
      > with.

      Just for the information of others, I'm booting the 2.4.17 kernel that came
      with the Kurobox (that's untouched) and I'm using the userland of Debian
      stable (Debian etch).

      > I *do* plan on packaging the kernel/working on another flavor once
      > that I'm comfortable with the userspace (I guess that I should do
      > this in one week, since I have one project that needs to hurry with a
      > release, due to some problems).

      I already fixed the other project which with I'm involved and I can now
      spend some time with the Kurobox. One of the first things that I want to do
      is to package the avr_evtd daemon and include it in Debian proper. Is there
      any effort to do that already?

      I want to have as many files under the control of the packaging system as
      possible, since I want the Kurobox to face the outside and running an
      Intrusion Detection System is easier if all files are under control of

      > For the people at the Linkstation General mailing list that may have
      > not followed the threads, I intend to integrate support of the
      > Kurobox (I have a plain one, not HG) on the main Debian release, so
      > that specific releases wouldn't seem necessary.

      I just mentioned the plain Kurobox, but I'm willing to support the other
      variants too, with a good package.

      > I hope that Sylver and others working on these distributions want to join
      > forces with me to get a better Universal Operating System.

      Is Sylver subscribed to this list? I have not received any feedback from
      people from this list.

      > I see that there's quite a bit of information regarding the Kurobox
      > and other Linkstations at:
      > http://buffalo.nas-central.org/ and its subpages.
      > But I think that we can "materialize" the information like
      > <http://buffalo.nas-central.org/index.php/Debian_avr_evtd>
      > into proper Debian packages for the Kurobox. In fact, I'm packaging
      > it at this moment and will send more questions to debian-mentors
      > regarding some corner cases.

      I'm already packaging the Debian avr_evtd, but it will be necessary to
      patch a lot of things and the contact e-mail to the author of the daemon
      (lb-source@...) doesn't seem to be working. I would like
      to integrate my changes upstream, so that every distribution benefits from

      > To be more concrete, here is what I see as my plan of action:
      > * substitute the non-free watchdog daemon with a Free, debianized
      > version;

      This is already a work in progress. If anybody has this packaged, please
      let me know and I'll concentrate my efforts in other areas.

      > * modify the reboot/shutdown scripts (needed to get the unit to
      > shutdown/reboot);

      I'm not exactly sure if the shutdown scripts need to be modified once
      avr_evtd is properly installed.

      > * recompile the kernel to have everything under control of dpkg (and
      > also to enjoy a more recent userspace, as newer glibc's need NTPL);

      The kernel that I have in mind would support both the Kurobox and the
      Kurobox HG, among others, and I would like to push the patches found at
      genbako upstream to the main kernel.org, so that no patching will be
      necessary for future kernels.

      > * get a systematic way of updating the firmware/kernel that boots on
      > the box.

      This is a step that I would take to have debian-installer working
      out-of-the-box on the Kuroboxes, once I understand completely how this
      system boots (with all the pivoting root and such).

      I hope to hear from other people soon.

      Regards, Rogério Brito.

      Rogério Brito : rbrito@{mackenzie,ime.usp}.br : GPG key 1024D/7C2CAEB8
      http://www.ime.usp.br/~rbrito : http://meusite.mackenzie.com.br/rbrito
      Projects: algorithms.berlios.de : lame.sf.net : vrms.alioth.debian.org
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