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  • Hab ich einen bekommen
    Jul 1, 2008
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      I´m just new here and have a problem with my Linkstation Live 500GB

      The Station doesn´t boot any more and so I decided to hang the HD on my PC booted with
      Knoopix to fix the partion with my data.

      I looked around and found the magic number fix but it doesn´t work.

      If i connect the USB cabel I got 3 partitions sdb1 sdb2 and sdb6. 1 and 2 are working fine
      and are automounted. But sdb6 couldn´t be mounted. I think on this partion is the share
      volume with my data :-((

      Then I opend a shell or a root shell an started the fix:
      /home/knoppix/Desktop/fix_2ext2_magic /dev/sdb6 => can´t open /dev/sdb6

      What are i´m doing wrong? Who could help me. The data on the partion are very
      important and i´m really fresh on Unix shell typing

      Kind regrads
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