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6491Upgrading LS-Pro hard drive, can't format unused space

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  • jam.bike
    Jun 29, 2008
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      I'm trying to upgrade hard drives in my LS-Pro v1 by following in the
      upgrade instructions at nas-central

      I'm running into a problem where the Linkstation can boot up, but most
      of the storage is identified as "unformatted disk" and cannot be

      I am upgrading the 250GB drive to a 640GB drive.

      Using Ghost, I have duplicated the first several partitions across
      from the old 250 to the 640. Because it's Ghost, I am not sure what
      the partitions are, but I have copied:
      First partition: 186M
      Second partition: 486MB
      3rd partition: Swap file (can't remember the size, but it is several
      hundred MB)

      With the new 640GB drive in the LS-Pro, the device boots up and I can
      access the GUI management interface. Everything looks fine except
      that the unsed space is reported as "unformatted disk" and I can't
      format it via the GUI.

      I have tried flashing to new stock firmware after the 640GB drive is
      installed, but because the Linkstation is already running the current
      stock Buffalo 1.11 firmware, the updater can't find a valid device to
      update. At this stage, I'd prefer to avoid alternative firmwares such
      as jtymod in case I stuff things up even further.

      Any idea what to do?