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6474Re: LinkStations Can't Find Each Other

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  • lalunas10
    Jun 9, 2008
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      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "optidyn" <opti@...> wrote:
      > I have an older Gigabit LinkStation (HGLAN) and recently got a new
      > LinkStation Live (HS-DHGL226). I intend to use the LinkStation Live as
      > my primary NAS and install a larger drive in the HGLAN and use it to
      > backup the DHGL.
      > My problem is that I have been unable to get either of the
      > LinkStations to find the other on my network so I am unable to set up
      > any backups between them.
      > Both have the latest OE firmware (1.61 and 2.02). Both are attached to
      > the same 3COM Gigabit switch and have gigabit connections. The switch
      > is connected to a LinkSys RTP300 router / VOIP adapter. Both are on
      > the same subnet. Both have DHCP disabled and have manually configured
      > IP addresses. (Though I have also tried DHCP with no better results.)
      > Both have shares that are configured for backup.
      > I can find both LinkStations from my PCs with NAS Navigator. But
      > neither NAS will show up in the other's LinkStation list or as
      > available as a backup drive. Adding the IPs to the list manually does
      > not work either!
      > Please help. What I am missing? This is driving me crazy.


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