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6384LinkStations Can't Find Each Other

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  • optidyn
    Mar 21, 2008
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      I have an older Gigabit LinkStation (HGLAN) and recently got a new
      LinkStation Live (HS-DHGL226). I intend to use the LinkStation Live as
      my primary NAS and install a larger drive in the HGLAN and use it to
      backup the DHGL.

      My problem is that I have been unable to get either of the
      LinkStations to find the other on my network so I am unable to set up
      any backups between them.

      Both have the latest OE firmware (1.61 and 2.02). Both are attached to
      the same 3COM Gigabit switch and have gigabit connections. The switch
      is connected to a LinkSys RTP300 router / VOIP adapter. Both are on
      the same subnet. Both have DHCP disabled and have manually configured
      IP addresses. (Though I have also tried DHCP with no better results.)
      Both have shares that are configured for backup.

      I can find both LinkStations from my PCs with NAS Navigator. But
      neither NAS will show up in the other's LinkStation list or as
      available as a backup drive. Adding the IPs to the list manually does
      not work either!

      Please help. What I am missing? This is driving me crazy.
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