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6340Retrave data after firmware update

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  • djprice1973
    Jan 27, 2008
      I've just re-applied firmware 2.06 to my week old 500GB Linkstation
      HS-DHGL after it stopped working properly and it has removed all my
      old shares and replaced the root directory with an empty 'share'

      The Navi program is still showing the drive as 41% full with 195GB of
      data stored on it but I can't see any of it.

      Prior to reapplying the firmware I pressed the reset button on the
      back of the unit to see if this would solve the original problem but
      it didn't.

      Has anyone got any idea how to retrieve the old data? I've bought a
      500GB Drivestation to back the stuff up on but only had half of it
      backed up before the problem happened so will be gutted if I loose the
      other half. Please help!
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