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6234Re: Adding HD to USB port

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  • James Stewart
    Oct 28 2:45 PM
      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, "bluemax_101"
      <bluemax_101@...> wrote:
      > Thanks Paul. I fitted an old 40GB into a cheapo case and hooked it
      > up to the USB port and formatted it. Was done automatically in the
      > ext.3 file system without any prompt from me. Would have been nice
      > if this file system worked with XP also; but never mind.

      Since I didn't use the original OS on my LS for very long, somebody
      please correct me if I'm wrong: Can't you format the external hard
      drive as FAT32 in something (other than the LS), and then have both
      WinXP and the LS be happy with it?

      > Will try fitting a larger IDE drive but I hope I don't need to
      > program anything!

      Just run the "firmware installer" program to put the OS on the new drive.

      > Whilst it is all in pieces, I will also try cleaning and lubricatibg
      > the bearings and quiten that noisy fan.

      Yea, cramming either heavy silicon based grease, or even automotive
      wheel bearing grease into the hub (pull off the sticker and rubber cap
      to access it) seems to do the trick. Not a perfect solution, I'm
      actually in the market for a new fan: Anyone have some good sources
      and or models these days? I want an especially quiet one.
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