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6229Re: [LinkStation_General] Re: Adding HD to USB port

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  • Paul Henderson
    Oct 27 6:23 PM
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      You can still use a an ext3 drive with Windows, just download this first and install it.  Then plug in the USB drive

      As for internal HDD, I know up to a 750 GB drive works.  I would recommend Debian, easy to learn and the number of precompiled packages for the PPC architecture is large.  You can do a lot more with Debian on it.  You don't have to flash the firmware so its safe.

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      Subject: [LinkStation_General] Re: Adding HD to USB port

      Thanks Paul. I fitted an old 40GB into a cheapo case and hooked it up
      to the USB port and formatted it. Was done automatically in the ext.3
      file system without any prompt from me. Would have been nice if this
      file system worked with XP also; but never mind.

      Will try fitting a larger IDE drive but I hope I don't need to
      program anything! Any limit on the size of the HD ?

      Whilst it is all in pieces, I will also try cleaning and lubricatibg
      the bearings and quiten that noisy fan.

      Didn't know about Debian; will check that out.

      Thanks again :-)

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      > You can plug in an external hdd and have read and read capabilities
      if it's formatted in the ext3 file system.
      > You can also install a new internal hdd as well. The LS2 only
      supports 3.5" IDE drives and not SATA drive. If you want Debian on
      your LS2, then do it when you buy the new drive (you can do it on
      your existing drive as well). http://nas-
      central.org/ index.php/ Convert_your_ MIPSel_LinkStati on_into_a_ full-
      blown_Debian_ system
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      > From: bluemax_101 <bluemax_101@ ...>
      > To: LinkStation_ General@yahoogro ups.com
      > Sent: Saturday, October 27, 2007 12:59:28 PM
      > Subject: [LinkStation_ General] Adding HD to USB port


      > I have a 160GB HD-HLAN MIPSel (LS2). Running out of space. Can I
      and plug in another external USB drive at the back or it is only for
      backing up?

      Also, is it possible to replace the HD inside for a bigger one? If
      so, where can I get more info on suitable drives and what needs
      to be done?

      Many thanks...

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