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6135Re: Vexing LS1 hardware issue

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  • James Stewart
    Aug 7 3:40 PM
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      --- In LinkStation_General@yahoogroups.com, Christopher Eykamp
      <chris@...> wrote:

      > This would seem to indicate a heat issue, though I'm not sure enough
      > heat can build up in just 10 seconds to shut the machine down.

      That depends on if you let the unit completely cool off before
      restarting it. With a quick restart, the unit is probably still at an
      elevated temperature and the heavy load of booting could quickly get
      it past the limit.

      I'm a little concerned why your unit would then be so sensitive to
      overheating that the reduction to a 5CFM fan would cause a problem.
      Did you install a new hard drive that runs hotter much hotter (and
      takes more power from the power supply) than the old one. My LS-1 had
      a low-performing Samsung drive in it which ran quite cool and didn't
      take much power. I had to search around quite a bit to find a drive
      that had comparable low heat and power requirements. I finally ended
      up with a single-platter 160-Gig Seagate. Granted this wasn't much of
      an upgrade over the 120-Gig Samsung, but I thought the Samsung was
      getting tired after running for a few years.

      I know people successfully put in bigger, more power consuming drives,
      but I'm just being a long-term reliability nut with my LS.

      It is also possible that since the your LS-1 is probably getting a
      little old, the power supply might be getting weak as well, thus
      starting to drop out of regulation under heavy load. Perhaps you
      could monitor the voltage, preferably with an oscilloscope, worse case
      just replace the smaller sized (thus used at higher frequencies)
      electrolytic capacitors in the power supply. Make sure you use high
      quality 105-degree(F) ones designed for switch-mode power supply

      Finally, maybe it is a mechanical connection problem with your LS-1.
      For example, maybe when assembled there is different stress on the
      circuit board that could be causing a marginal solder connection to
      fail slightly?

      Good luck with this one. It would be good to run some more tests to
      determine if it is really heat related or not. Try running the unit
      in your refrigerator!
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